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The project is a pre-competitive effort started by OpenDoc Society with funding from the Dutch government and the ODF fund managed by NLnet foundation to be able to compare the quality of the output of all office suites on the market today. We provide the software infrastructure, but you can help us in a number of ways - as an individual, an organisation or a government.

By donating or adding new office packages

There is a massive amount of software out there relevant to (e.g. all software that is capable of processing or rendering office documents, more than can be maintained centrally in an orderly fashion. Also, we want to offer the latest developer builds — software that is not yet released publicly — so that people that have issues can test themselves whether a certain implementation issue or software error has been fixed. For that we need companies and communities to add their software to, which in most cases will be fairly easy as we already have a number of different backends. If you want to use or write your own XML-RPC code, that is fine as well. We prefer companies to host and manage it yourself, simply so that your future customers can sample your product through in the best possible way — at its place of birth. Nobody knows your code better than you. It is appreciated but not mandatory if you send one or more registered copies to the developers as well, so that we can test stuff or add emergency nodes if your machines have some issue.

Some vendors have potentially very restrictive licensing with regards to services like this, which is solved when the software is donated by that same company or is run by someone who has the right to do so. If you run a web or cloud office suite, everything is already online but you can help us by providing accounts, access to the right API’s etc.

Please contact us if you are considering donating or adding new office packages. We are ready to help you get started and help you find your way around the (fairly low) requirements. And that for free.

By running a factory

That sounds fancy, but it is very simple and non-intrusive. is distributed, meaning that you provide what we run. If you have a machine that has some software that would be useful in Officeshots (even if some version is already in there, for instance, LibreOffice, AbiWord or Calligra) and if you are willing to download some simple scripts and register your machine then you can help us provide snappier results to the users. Your computer won’t be visible from the outside, all documents are routed through our central servers from and to the user - meaning your computer is well protected at all times.

By translating Officeshots to your language

We want Officeshots to be available in many different languages. We have set up Pootle, an application that makes translating easy. You can use our Pootle server to translate Officeshots in your language. You will need to register an account there before you can start transtaling. If your language is not listed on the Pootle server yet, then let us know and we will add your language.

Hardware and software donations

We are very happy to receive hardware and software donations or even more convienently (funding for) hosting support - meaning you run or donate one or more real or virtual machines, on which we can run jobs for This will allow us to add more juice to the rendering cloud, meaning faster rendering and more different (historical) versions of software. We welcome older software as well - we want to offer as wide as possible an overview of the practical interoperability at the document level.


We have more features on our wish list than we have time to implement, and so may you. is open source, so we encourage people to contribute code to add further functionality to Officeshots. If you are no programmer but have some funding, we'll be more than happy to help you find the right person to write it.